Monday, October 22, 2007

Swimming All Day, 100% OK!

Ciputra Waterpark is the biggest in Indonesia.
Want to go there again....

Talking about our holiday last week, we remember that we got a great plan to spent all day not in our house.
Yeah, we go to Ciputra Waterpark- Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia * sorry we don't want to promote but yeah just lil'bit*
Swimming with our lovely bro, laughing together and we enjoy the sun all day and forgot about the stress and our activity for a while.
How about the price? Stay cool guyz!
You can pay the ticket Rp60.000,-/person ( US $6) and you can get a card. If you want to eat, want to but swimsuits you just use it, but you have to pay Rp 15.000/card ( US $1.5 ).
Open at 9.00 am-7.oo pm * sorry if i'm wrong because i went to that place at 4.oo pm-7.00pm *
Don't worry about security, don't worry about the meal, don't worry about the locker.
This place have a good facilites and you can enjoy your day without negative thinking!
So... want to try to go to Ciputra Waterpark in Surabaya?

Sorry, because we forgot to brought camera * silly ha?* so this pics we take from