Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Surabaya Zoo

In about 1970, Surabaya zoo was called as the biggest zoo in South East Asia. However, if it compare with Ragunan zoo in Jakarta the species is almost the same. Total population in Surabaya zoo is about 4691 with 307 specieses. The fauna that become interest especially foreign tourist are comodo and babi rusa. Comodo is an ancient fauna that life in Indonesia.

Ticket information:
Surabaya zoo open everyday and in work hour. Average price for age >4th years old is IDR 7500 (regular price). Discount 25% for school group (30 people) and 20% for general. If you want to visit Surabaya zoo in group or want to get package, you can call Marketing and Promotion of Surabaya zoo in (031) 5674430.

Tips and prohibition:
No feeding the animal

No disturbing the animal

No pet allowed

No trash anywhere

It's bear. hahaha...

It's our great-grandparents

Don't forget to bring camera to take a pic with our great grandparents. Hahahahaha. You should bring some snack  to cover if you hungry but still wanna see the cute animals in zoo.
 Don't buy meal or drink in zoo area because it's so expensive.


Peter said...

It make me feel want go to Zoo see Animals, long time l never been zoo park in years.I wanna go to Indonesia one day have a look.

thetwins said...

Forget about go to the mall, let's go to the zoo! :)
Thanks for stopping by.

Fellix said...

wah wah, udah lama ga ke bonbin. hahahaha.

thetwins said...

Ayo... ke bonbin aja daripada ke mall.
Samain rupa aja, hehehehe. Saudaramu aku rasa juga udah kangen tuh.