Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Oldest News Paper, * Oh Cool! *

We took this picture when we went to Kompas's Office in Jakarta

We checked some pics in our computer and we so surprised when we founded that pic.
Yeah, that pic tell about the oldest newspaper in Indonesia called KOMPAS * we not sure about that but look at the paper, so old ha? *
But KOMPAS is the oldest newspaper and till now many Indonesia people especially they who work to goverment read this.
This is we called the barometer for press in Indonesia.
But yeah we also have a lot of newspaper, 5-6 newspaper such as Jawa Pos, Surya, Republika, and many more.
But honestly we too lazy to read it because this newspaper has so many page and about they have a great great articles in there, and let us think for a while.


Vie said...

Talking about Old Newspaper, I got really old one. Pas lagi ngerombak kamar mandi dirumah ini, pekerjanya nemukan surat kabar yang tua banget (thn. 39) dibelakang dinding, dan nama koran ini sampe sekarang masih beredar.

curryegg said...

Hello! I am curryegg here. thank for the visit to my blog. Looks like you've just started blogging here. Nice to learn more about Indonesia, my neighbour.. haha...

Keep up the good work!

thetwins said...

Oh ya koran apa?
Oldiest banget?
Kamu orang Canada kok bisa bahasa Indonesia? Hehehehe.

Thanks for stoping by in our blog.
We hope you enjoy our blog and still be our friend.
Keep rockin!

Drama Div@ said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog and for leaving a comment..

btw, im still single and dont have any son or daughter.. if you see any baby or kids' pictures in my blog.. they should be my nephews and nieces...

thetwins said...

Sorry we thought that she was your son.
But yeah, she really cute maybe she can be a great model.
But we talked about the Oldest News Paper, so why we talked about your nephews?

Crashdummie said...

so exactly how old is that newspaper anyway?

Btw, thanx for swooshing by at Crashed Site.


Vie said...

Aku orang Indonesia asli lho!
Oya korannya Globe and Mail.

thetwins said...

It's about 50 years. Thanks for stoping by.

Itu koran mana?
Canada atau mana?