Monday, October 22, 2007

Chinese Food, Why Not?

We love Chinese food but also Indonesia food too

We live in Indonesia especially Surabaya city.Many delicious meal in here! Japanise, Indonesia dishes, Thailand, and many more. But we love Chinese Food too, so delicious with many varians. A lot of Chinese Food restaurant in here and you know some of them has a lowest price.
Well we love eating " Sapo Tahu Jepang " and " Pangsit Mie " Don't worry about the price.
We can buy it less than Rp 20.000,- ( less U$2 ).

So how about you?
How many time you eating Chinese Food and what is your fav menu?


Apple said...

I eat Chinese food everyday. I cook for myself too, is that consider Chinese food? because I'm a Chinese. hehe

thetwins said...

So what kind of Chinese food is your fav?