Monday, October 29, 2007

Being Calm Down by Ronde

Last Wednesday We (Evelyn, Acel, Dion, Christo) planned to sing at WoofWoof by using voucher Eve won from HardRock Fm. We went there with a lot of happiness. But... when we arrived at WoofWoof we are so shocked (hollyshit!) guyz! The customer service told that our voucher expired. Of course me (Eve) very angry 'bout that! Acel  accused Eve that was her false because she didn't check it first. Finally, we were in freeze situation. We didn't talk each other.
After few minutes, we decided to go to Inge Chen.
What is Inge Chen?
Inge Chen is a sidewalk stand at HR Muhammad Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

That is the menu in Inge Chen.

We confused which one will we choose.
So here we go!

Thats called Sarang Burung Ice which are a jelly, lechy, sarang burung, green syrup, and of course with ice. Chris and me ( Eve ) choosed that! Hmmm yummy....

We called this one with " es kacang hijau" which are ice, milk, coconut, kacang hijau, and mutiara.
Feel hungry hah?...

That my bro ( Dion ) choice, RONDE!
Is the main offer of this stand.
You can tasted ginger flavour, and after you try it your body will feel warm.
So better if you buy it when its raining.

If you bite the Ronde "like meatball but it didn't made from meat" you can eat smooth peanut in it.

So after we ate that we being calm down by Ronde. Hahahaha... so silly ha?
Want to try it?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Cuty New Slipper

That is my new slipper from Bali Island. So cute ha?

I love wear slipper and i believe you love too wear it.
Simple, stylish, and make me comfort if i wear it.
Sometimes i wear it in mall, if i go to beach or i go to my mother in law house.
I have many slipper at my home, 3 until 4. They are to many, aren't they?
Now i just had bought my slipper in Bali Island, Indonesia.
Yes Bali selling a lot of cuty slipper like my new slipper in any colors.
I always buy it if i go to Bali!
I didn't know the color til i got it.
Surprised, the color is white *my fav color* and so cute.
It just spent Rp.10.000,- or US $1 and you can be a cuty girl if you wear it with hotpants and bikini!
But i would happy if my friend bought it for free. Hehehehe

Why my foot in this pic its so huge? Grgrgrhh...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Surabaya Zoo

In about 1970, Surabaya zoo was called as the biggest zoo in South East Asia. However, if it compare with Ragunan zoo in Jakarta the species is almost the same. Total population in Surabaya zoo is about 4691 with 307 specieses. The fauna that become interest especially foreign tourist are comodo and babi rusa. Comodo is an ancient fauna that life in Indonesia.

Ticket information:
Surabaya zoo open everyday and in work hour. Average price for age >4th years old is IDR 7500 (regular price). Discount 25% for school group (30 people) and 20% for general. If you want to visit Surabaya zoo in group or want to get package, you can call Marketing and Promotion of Surabaya zoo in (031) 5674430.

Tips and prohibition:
No feeding the animal

No disturbing the animal

No pet allowed

No trash anywhere

It's bear. hahaha...

It's our great-grandparents

Don't forget to bring camera to take a pic with our great grandparents. Hahahahaha. You should bring some snack  to cover if you hungry but still wanna see the cute animals in zoo.
 Don't buy meal or drink in zoo area because it's so expensive.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Oldest News Paper, * Oh Cool! *

We took this picture when we went to Kompas's Office in Jakarta

We checked some pics in our computer and we so surprised when we founded that pic.
Yeah, that pic tell about the oldest newspaper in Indonesia called KOMPAS * we not sure about that but look at the paper, so old ha? *
But KOMPAS is the oldest newspaper and till now many Indonesia people especially they who work to goverment read this.
This is we called the barometer for press in Indonesia.
But yeah we also have a lot of newspaper, 5-6 newspaper such as Jawa Pos, Surya, Republika, and many more.
But honestly we too lazy to read it because this newspaper has so many page and about they have a great great articles in there, and let us think for a while.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Swimming All Day, 100% OK!

Ciputra Waterpark is the biggest in Indonesia.
Want to go there again....

Talking about our holiday last week, we remember that we got a great plan to spent all day not in our house.
Yeah, we go to Ciputra Waterpark- Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia * sorry we don't want to promote but yeah just lil'bit*
Swimming with our lovely bro, laughing together and we enjoy the sun all day and forgot about the stress and our activity for a while.
How about the price? Stay cool guyz!
You can pay the ticket Rp60.000,-/person ( US $6) and you can get a card. If you want to eat, want to but swimsuits you just use it, but you have to pay Rp 15.000/card ( US $1.5 ).
Open at 9.00 am-7.oo pm * sorry if i'm wrong because i went to that place at 4.oo pm-7.00pm *
Don't worry about security, don't worry about the meal, don't worry about the locker.
This place have a good facilites and you can enjoy your day without negative thinking!
So... want to try to go to Ciputra Waterpark in Surabaya?

Sorry, because we forgot to brought camera * silly ha?* so this pics we take from

Chinese Food, Why Not?

We love Chinese food but also Indonesia food too

We live in Indonesia especially Surabaya city.Many delicious meal in here! Japanise, Indonesia dishes, Thailand, and many more. But we love Chinese Food too, so delicious with many varians. A lot of Chinese Food restaurant in here and you know some of them has a lowest price.
Well we love eating " Sapo Tahu Jepang " and " Pangsit Mie " Don't worry about the price.
We can buy it less than Rp 20.000,- ( less U$2 ).

So how about you?
How many time you eating Chinese Food and what is your fav menu?