Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Not Good At Billiard

I can't play but i act like i can!

Well as a woman yeah i have to cook, i have to take care off anything that man can do it or can't. But as a woman yeah i can do lot of better than a man but i still need a man in my life.
I try to played Billiard with my friends at POST.
That is a cozy place in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
We can play billiard in there and also hear disco songs.
If we bored play billiard we can go to the lounge to enjoy some cocktail.
It wasn't a first time for me played Billiard.
But yeah i still can't play billiard! It's so hard guys!
I tried to focus but i couldn't!
Many people say that billiard is man world and i think that true.
But yeah i can't give up to learn billiard right because billiard now is a woman best friend!


Dave63 said...

Hi Twin, Nice picture. Billards is a learned skill. Practice, Practice, Practice. And most of all kepp your eye on yhe ball.

SatoNa said...

thx for visiting my blog ^^

waw.. same with me.. I don't like playing billiard.. coz I can't play it. hehehe..I prefer playing bowling.. :)

btw, no offense.. just wanna telling you:
"I try to played Billiard with my friends at POST."

I think it must be "I try to play" .. ^^

thetwins said...

Yeah you right!
I think i have to practice it again!

Thanks to correct my grammar. I used i try to played because you know that happened in the past.
Btw thanks for visiting my blog.

Vie said...

Billiard?! I am not good at it.
Bending make my back aching.

bayou_oo said...

Just enjoy the game...

Dave63 said...

Hi Twins;

First you said I try to played..

Then you said I tried to focus...

I tried is correct...

I tried to play...

Pitshu said...

kok photonya mirip evelyn ?

ichaAwe said...

just try wall climbing.... more enjoy than me!!

thetwins said...

Yeah, i'm agree with you.

Yeah i always enjoy the game with my friends of course.

Thanks to correct my grammar dave.

Yeah that is evelyn, evelyn and acel are the owner of this blog.
Are you surprised?

Yeah, i wish i could do wall climbing sometimes

Pitshu said...

walah... 1 orang punya dua blog hahahah ^^

1 aja udah pusink, apa lagi nanti awal tahun klo gawean udah padet jgn2 blog pitshu ga keurus ^^

LiSan Skywalker said...

Aku juga seneng banget main billiard, cuma ngga tau kenapa sering main tapi ngga jago-jago kayak temenku, hiks...

Drama Div@ said...

same here.. i cant play well too