Sunday, November 4, 2007

I wish I Can Wear Kebaya

Well i imagine my wedding day with my mr right * i don't know who*, it's so funny!
I imagine i wore Kebaya * nationality clothes of Indonesia *, i walked in the red carpet, i took my moment at the beach.
Hmmm... well i want get married now!
But i don't think so, i prefer being a great woman in my job.
I too scare to get married with someone and have a baby.
Oh No!
But i wish i can married with my Mr.right so i can wear that Kebaya.

 I prefer to wear white Kebaya than to wear Red Kebaya.


Pitshu said...

inget pertengahan tahun lalu, g mimpi married di sebuah gereja. Gereja Blok Q tepatnya, g pengen suatu hari pemberkatan g disana, di mimpi g menggunakan kebaya putih yang bagus banget trus rambut g blonde gitu, g meunggu si Mr.Right datang ke altar (kok kebalik yah! ada juga cowo yang di altar nunggu cewe hahaha namanya juga mimpi)

Trus Ovan sendiri pernah bilang, mendingan klo gereja pakai wedding dress, klo resepsinya pakai kebaya. Ga beribet ^^

Huhuhu g pengen banget suatu hari bisa pakai kebaya yang bagus ^^

thetwins said...

Yeah wear a kebaya, a woman look so fabolous. So chic, that's why maybe you choose wear kebaya than wear western dress.
I hope you can wear kebaya for your wedding day.

Crashdummie said...

Well u kinda remind me of a friend of mine - she has already chosen a church, done the guestlist, the dress, shoes, the party location, the florist, the maid of honor dresses, the ring...

.. the only thing missing is the groom! ;)

gotto say the kebaya looks lovely

Tink said...

You're more interested in the beautiful marriage clothing than the actual act! Too cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

captain corky said...

Don't worry, your day will come! Your english is really good. Much better than mine. ;)

curryegg said...

Wah.... thinking of getting married? The white is nice. Wish to see you wearing it someday...

Must be very beautiful... ;D

thetwins said...

That a big mistake!
I Hope i plan the best things for my wedding day.

I think many women like that.
Very excited if we talked about preparation of wedding.

@Captain Corky:
I hope i can good at grammar.

Yeah i love wear white Kebaya.
I wish i can someday.

Vie said...

Red is a symbol of courage.
White is a symbol of purity.
So... better you mix them (red n white), anyway that's our Indonesian flag.

sakuralady said...

Wow what a dare-to-be-different imaginary.. kebaya moment walking along the beach?

Well, you're going to graduate soon, rite? wear the kebaya on your graduation ceremony.. ^^

Dave63 said...

Hi Twins, The Keba is very Beautiful, I am sure you will make a Beautiful Bride, but dont be in such a hurry. You cant hurry love.

Take Care

thetwins said...

@ Vie:
That's a good idea so far :lol:

@ Sakuralady:
Yup if i graduate soon, i will wear kebaya and i will take my pic and posting in this blog. Just wait.

@ Dave:
Ya, i can't hurry in love, but sometimes i want to get married.

regine said...

good luck on finding Mr.Right ;)

Anang said...

selamat berjuang!!

thetwins said...



Drama Div@ said...

ofcoz we can wear kebaya without getting married... we, girls can alway play dress-up wherever, whenever we want!!!